Legendary farm Softcore

4 EUR .

The main price - 4 euro for softcore 25 legendary Normal or Season mode. 

If you choose 100 legendary you will get 125 legendary for you character.

An additional options for choose how many legendary you want to. We have huge discount for 500 legendary.

  • We do this service with account sharing as you prefer.
  • We use VPN connection for you county if you order piloted.
  • We are getting 10-20 legendary / hour.
  • All mode avalible for order. Season, Softcore
  • We have discount for more legendary.


Description of goods

You can specify the amount of legendaries by marking appropriate checkbox.

If you will order more than 100 items you will get 10% free (100 ordered - 110 got)
We are ready to grind for you legendary items in any quatity.
The more items - the higher the chance of a good item!
All items will be left in your chest unidentified.
How is it done?
  • Your character grinds monsters with 3 our characters of same class, and you get all the items.
  • All legendary items (no matter to who looted it) are transferred to your character.
  • The service is one in a group of 4 same class characters, thats why the chance of getting items for inapproptiate class is very low.
How do I get benefit from this service?
  • You get a lot of legendary items.
  • You get gold.
  • You get experience.
  • You get the stones and the rest of the drop
  • We can play a time convenient to you while you are at work, studies, etc.
If you have questions or need to farm an unspecified number of items in the list - please contact our operators.