Paragon boost Hardcore

25 EUR .

The main price - 25 euro for hardcore 1-100 Normal or Season mode. 

Choose 100>200 paragon if you want 1-200 or if you already have 100 and you want 200 etc.

An additional options for choose how many paragon lvl you want to. We have huge discount for 1-800 lvl.

  • We do this service with account sharing as you prefer.
  • We use VPN connection for you county if you order piloted.
  • Lvleling takes from 2 hours 1-100 to 7 days 1-800
  • All mode avalible for order. Season, Hardcore
  • We have discount for more paragon lvls.


Description of goods

The best option to strengthen your character is boost your Paragon level.

We can help you in this tedious and time costly business.
What are the advantages in paragon boosting? - We level up your character while you sleep, work or relax!
All items, resources, gold and legendaries got while farming stays at your account.
The time required to complete your order may vary depending on your gear.