Cathedral of Eternal Night Mythic Run

10 EUR .


Description of goods

What you get:


  • 110 lvl character (you can buy Powerlevelling);
  • account sharing (or you can select self-play option);
  • access to the dungeon;


  • self-play: if you want to take part in the raid without account sharing - select this;
  • stream: you can watch the progress of raid online;
  • extra loot: if you want to get the maximum possible  loot for your character - select this option and we will select a group with the player of the same type of armor as yours so you can make the exchange of the necessary items dropped to him, thereby increasing the probability of getting the maximum of items for your character;
  • dungeon access; if your character does not have access to this dungeon, select this option and our player complete all necessary quests to gain access;