Warbound Veteran - 300 RBG Wins

269 EUR .


Description of goods

What you get:

  • you will receive title: "Warbound" (Alliance) or "Warbringer" (Horde);
  • you will get achievements:
  1. Veteran of the Alliance / Veteran of the Horde
  2. Veteran of the Alliance II / Veteran of the Horde II
  3. Warbound Veteran of the Alliance / Warbringer Veteran of the Horde
  • you will receive unique mounts:
  1. Vicious Saddle
  2. Reins of the Vicious War Steed / Horn of the Vicious War Wolf
  • you will receive large number of artifact power and honor points;
  • you will receive equipment;


  • 110 lvl character (you can buy Powerlevelling);
  • account sharing;
  • 2-4 weeks for execution;
  • if you have already completed some achievements - contact our operator to clarify the cost of the service;