By continuing to use our website, you unconditionally agree to this user agreement
1. This User Agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") governs the relationship between the Customer and the Contractor, hereinafter referred to as "the parties", under the provision of other information and mediation services to the Customer.
2. Glossary:
 - Artist - online - shop MMO-MARKET.RU, provides customer services under this agreement;
 - Customer - anytime, refer to the executor of the information and / or mediation services, individual;
 - Information and / or mediation - promote networking between the customer and the professional game, so that the latter perform certain actions on the initiative and at the expense of the Customer or informed him of the nuances of the secrets of a computer game;
- Computer game - a computer program that serves to organize the gameplay online, communication with partners on the game, or itself serving as a partner;
 - Professional game - a natural person (or group of persons), professionally interact with a computer game;
 - Account - stored in the electronic system of complex user data necessary for its identification (authentication) and the provision of access to his personal data and settings in a computer game;
 - Resource game - any currency or payment unit to a certain computer game; other means of payment, account and giving in the valuation; progress in the game or other promotion, changing game conditions;
 - Service "pumping" - pumping characters, accounts, any other objects of the computer game, an increase in certain indicators, characteristics of the character, the account object in a computer game, achieved by carrying out activities within the game, not contrary to the domestic laws of the game, as well as overcoming certain stages of the game;
 - Site - Internet - resource, located at the address: www.mmo-market.ru;
- Documentation - This agreement, instructions and rules governing the relations of the Contractor, the Customer and the Professional of the game, the rules and the terms of payment by the Customer Services Contractor (posted on the website of the Contractor), as well as agreements and the conditions selected by the customer when filling in forms of electronic applications (type of service, volume, price, etc.) on the site of the Contractor.
3. When ordering, the Customer confirms familiarize and accept the conditions prescribed in the documentation. To order, customers must use the form on the Executor's website by filling in each field is marked as required.
4. In addition to the contact and other information, some fields may contain the essential conditions of the Contractor with a professional game.
5. In order to execute the ordered services Contractor may depart from these conditions without changing the subject of the ordered services and subject to Customer's interests, as well as the absence of additional cost to the customer.
6. After filling out the required forms, the Customer transfers funds to the chosen fare, selected from proposals method of payment. This amount includes payment for the work of professionals, and the game commission Contractor.
7. The perpetrator has selected Customer service within a reasonable time (after payment confirmation). In most cases, the Contractor's site shows the average and maximum deadlines. The parties may determine by mutual agreement other conditions of service and its payment.
8. The customer can choose the services related to the conduct of the game Professionals actions leading to the transfer of customer resources of the game, pumping the character, account and other actions agreed by the parties.
9. If you order services pumping Customer shall transfer to the Contractor all the information necessary for authentication in a computer game and access to the account, characters, and game object gameplay. Customer understands and agrees to the information that he transmits to the Contractor, will be transferred to a third party (professional games) for direct pumping. Customer agrees without prior coordination with the Contractor is not included in your account at the time of pumping the character, so as not to hinder the process.
10. If the Contractor has not fulfilled the customer's order within the specified period, the client can demand the return of these funds.
11. By accepting this agreement, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Contractor shall not be liable for any negative consequences of the execution of the order (committing actions not by registered users, and third parties -Professionalami game). The customer assumes the risk imposed on him and on his account of sanctions for violation of the rules of the game. The customer is obliged to examine the rules and user agreement for the games, which made the order.
12. Messages sent to the e-mail addresses of the parties, specified by the Customer in the registration application, and the Contractor on site Contractor, equal to documents signed in writing and have the same legal effect, unless otherwise provided by agreement of the parties.
13. The input information on the Customer's site is used only for delivery of the order, specify or change the order, and can not be transferred to third parties, except in cases when it is necessary for the performance of the selected order and with the consent of the customer.
14. If necessary, make changes to the already filled the form, the customer must enter your personal cabinet in section "Contact Information".
Services on buying anything or bleeding, are available at the risk of the Customer. Often, buying, pumping prohibited game rules, and the administration of such games may impose fines up to a full lock your account. Buying the specified service, the customer is aware of all the risks associated with its implementation.